Quick Launch

Quick Launch Rules

  1. Call in Number 860-669-1705 –Leave a message with your name, Boat Type & Boat Name and time you would like to be launched.
  2. Hours of Operation are Monday – Sunday 9 AM to 4 PM May 15 thru September 30 (pre-season and after season service available weekdays only on a limited basis) Any after hours launches will be charged $4.50 per foot if the operator is still on premises and available
  3. Minimum of one hour notice to launch or haul boats
  4. One launch/haul per day—additional launches / hauls subject to a charge or $ 4.50 per foot per haul/launch
  5. Be ready to take your boat off the dock at your requested time-failure to do so may result in hauling your boat and additional charges
  6. If you would like your boat launched before 9 AM you need to call by 3 PM the day before
  7. If you return after hours, tie up your boat at our designated docks & we will haul the next day
  8. Please remember you do not rent a water slip. If you would like to stay in overnight, it is a privilege and must be approved by the forklift operator. The operator will instruct you where to dock your boat if space is available. First come first served basis
  9. We do not run your boat when hauling or launching and we provide bumpers and lines on the dock for quick tie-ups only. We ask you to use your own lines and fenders to secure your boat for extended times. Harborside Marina is not liable for damage caused to boats from our docks or lines.
  10. When returning to our docks, please make sure to tie your boat up with the stern facing the launching platform (if possible), raise your outdrive or outboard and cover your boat. Be courteous when tying up and take a spot that is protected but allows others room.
  11. DO NOT tie up in a rented slip, even if there is no available space. You can raft up next to a quick launch spot if necessary. If you do tie up in a customers slip and we need to move your boat, you will be charged 1-hour labor.
  12. There is NO parking in the forklift area at all. This is for safety reasons. Failure to obey this rule will result in a $250.00 fee that will be charged to your account and will need to be paid prior to your next use.
  13. If you have any questions, concerns or need any help leaving or coming in, please ask the forklift operator and he would be glad to assist. If you need any services, the forklift operator can accept work orders that will be processed by our service department.
  14. Bathrooms and showers are available—CODE 2016—Please respect the bathrooms and keep them clean so everyone can enjoy
  15. Please deposit your garbage in one of our receptacles or our dumpster

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are looking forward to a great season!

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